School Uniforms


Classes start on time. 

Please allow enough time to get changed and warm-up


Dancers please make sure that your presentation is tidy at all times.

Girl's hair should always be in a bun 





Foot wear:

*Pink demi-pointe shoes 

        -with elastics 

*Soft blocks for voc exams except IF, Intermediate and AF

*Pointe work may only be started with teachers permission

*Character shoes

         -cuban heel 



*Character skirts (grade 4 to 8)


Uniform leotard:


Grade 4 

Turquoise French leotard


Grade 5

Ocean blue French leotard

(both to be ordered at Baylins Ballet Barn)

Higher grades and vocational levels

Black leotard and skirt

(obtainable at the "Dancer's Boutique" in Amersham)




Black shorts (tights from grade 5)

White T-shirt

White socks

White demi-pointes

Character shoes (grade1 till 8)

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