School Uniforms


Classes start on time. 

Please allow enough time to get changed and warm-up


Dancers please make sure that your presentation is tidy at all times.

Hair should be in a bun (if length of hair permits it)





Foot wear:

*Pink demi-pointe shoes 

        -with elastics (Grade 2 to grade 4)

        -with ribbons from grade 5 onwards

*Soft blocks for vocational exams except Inter Fd

*Pointe work may only be started with teachers permission

*Character shoes

         -low heel (grade 2)

         -cuban heel (grade 3 till 8)



*Character skirts with ribbons matching leotard colours (grade 2 to 8)


Uniform leotard:


Grade 3:

Turquoise French leotard 

(to be ordered at the school)


Grade 4 and 5:

Ocean Blue French leotard

(to be ordered at the school)


Grade 5 and above:

Black leotard

(obtainable at the "Dancer's Boutique" in Amersham)


Vocational Classes:

Black or Navy strappy or tank leotard




Black shorts (tights from grade 5)

White T-shirt

White socks

White demi-pointes

Character shoes (grade1 till 8)

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